Fully Customizable

Customize this software to work right as you expect.

Gorgeous design

Simple and to the point, designed for you to deliver emails.

Well documented.

Gwaro is well documented in order to hold your hand when you need help.

Responsive Design.

You can use Gwaro from your computer or even from your phone.

Our Focused on Feature

Reliable and Secure Platform

If you want to send emails that actually land in the inbox, then Gwaro is your solution. We track emails from sending time until it is deleted from user inbox.

Everything is perfectly orgainized

We have removed all the clutter from your dashboard. This gives your sight to only the items you need to use and nothing less nothing more.

Rapid customer support

We all need help now and again. This is why we have 24/7 email support. We are active of social networks to support you instantly.

Amazing Compatibility.

Today's world is occupied with apps that solve different problems. Sometimes you want different systems to talk to each other. Gwaro is designed to talk with other standalone applications. You can integrate with ease.

Remarkable Features

After all is said and done, we must deliver the features. Gwaro has all the features you might want from an Email software and more. On top of the usual features we dot not charge any fixed costs. You only pay for the emails you have sent. Simple, more like the way cellphone airtime works.